Training and promotions for the use of healthcare informatics standards helps users to develop the skills to adopt the standards as quickly as possible. Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of the user community in the country. Towards the promotion and proliferation for the use of EHR Standards, NRCeS conducts -

  • Workshop for Healthcare professionals (Clinicians, Nurses, Hospital IT Staff, Paramedics, etc.) on EHR Standards and benefits.
  • Workshop for Vendors and Implementers on EHR Standards and technical implementation.
  • On-demand need-based training to hospitals, vendors, and implementers.
  • Workshop/Training to policy makers, departments, educational institutes, organizations, consortiums, associations, etc. on sensitizing about EHR Standards.
  • Specialized trainings on creation and validation of national releases and extensions.
  • Training on using and integrating SDKs and tools developed by NRCeS.
  • E-Learning videos and materials.