NRCeS involves in development and customization of health informatics standards in form of subsets, refsets, user guide on using standards or parts of standards for complying with nationally defined standard treatment guidelines for various domains, national program specific usage, etc. to meet national requirements. Under this service, NRCeS offers -

  • SNOMED CT national refsets.
  • SNOMED CT national drug extension.
  • Country specific customizations to EHR standards.
  • National release processes and guidelines.
  • Manage and maintain national releases.
  • Assists in development of vendor / implementer specific subsets / refsets.

India Reference Sets for SNOMED CT

India Reference Sets for SNOMED CT includes following 30 Simple Refsets covering common diseases under National Public Health Programs and Medical Specialty / Department-wise refsets. Administrative procedures are not included in the refsets.

Refsets for National Programs
for Disease Control
Refsets for Specialty or Department
1. Cataract
2. Cervical Cancer
3. Childhood Diarrhea
4. Dengue
5. Iodine deficiency
6. Leprosy
7. Lymphatic filariasis
8. Malaria
9. Oral Cancer
10. Pregnancy related Anemia
11. Stroke
12. Tuberculosis
1. Cardiology
2. Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery
3. Dermatology
4. Emergency
5. Fetal Medicine
6. Gastroenterology
7. General Surgery
8. Geriatrics
9. Nephrology
10. Neurology
11. Neurosurgery
12. Obstetrics and Gynecology
13. Oncology
14. Orthopedics
15. Pediatrics
16. Psychiatry
17. Radiology
18. Rheumatology

This package depends on the SNOMED CT July 2017 International Edition, and should be used and analyzed accordingly.

The Reference Sets can be used effectively by both public and the private sectors in health information systems.

The India Reference Sets for SNOMED CT are available to Affiliate Licensees to download through Member Licensing and Distribution Service (MLDS).

Release Note

India Drug Extension for SNOMED CT [Developer Preview - BETA]

India Drug Extension for SNOMED CT has about 1000 medicines/ clinical drugs concepts for tablets and capsules with oral dose form. This is a BETA release and contains a limited set of Drug concepts to allow affiliates and vendors to become familiar with the format of forthcoming national drug extension.

The levels of Clinical Drugs represented in the International Release include Medicinal Product (MP) and Medicinal Product Form (MPF). Clinical Drugs contain brand specific or country specific information and consequently are represented in an extension and not in the International Release.

The current extension covers following types of Clinical Drugs in terms of composition:

  • Single ingredient
  • Multi-ingredient

Clinical Drugs included in the India Drug Extension for SNOMED CT are defined by certain defining attributes or characteristics includes; a trade product name, strength, form, and active ingredients.

Clinical Drugs in an extension have a direct link to their corresponding components in the International Release via the IS_A relationship or to a corresponding components in the extension.

This extension can be used by both public and the private sectors in health information systems.