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ISO/TC 215 Set Of Standards


The ISO TC 215 is the International Organization for Standardization's (ISO) Technical Committee (TC) on health informatics. TC 215 works on the standardisation of Health Information and Communications Technology (ICT), to allow for compatibility and interoperability between independent systems.


The ISO/TC215 purpose is standardization in the field of health informatics to facilitate the secure and coherent capture, interchange and use of health-related data, information and knowledge to support and enable all aspects of e-Health.

ISO TC215 Structure

Type Name
ISO/TC 215/CAG 01 Executive council, harmonization and operations
ISO/TC 215/CAG 02 Advisory group
ISO/TC 215/JWG 01 Joint ISO/TC 215 - ISO/TC 249 WG; Traditional Chinese Medicine (Informatics)
ISO/TC 215/JWG 07 Joint ISO/TC 215 - IEC/SC 62A WG; Safe, effective and secure health software and health IT systems, including those incorporating medical devices
ISO/TC 215/TF 01 Task Force on Quantities and Units to be used in e-health
ISO/TC 215/TF 02 Traditional Medicines Task Force (TMsTF)
ISO/TC 215/WG 01 Architecture, Frameworks and Models
ISO/TC 215/WG 02 ISO/TC 215/WG 02 "Systems and Device Interoperability
ISO/TC 215/WG 03 Semantic content
ISO/TC 215/WG 04 Security, Safety, and Privacy
ISO/TC 215/WG 06 Pharmacy and medicines business

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